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Artistic process

"Iron, in its sensitive and deformable nature, exponentially reflects any mark to which it is subjected, just like the human soul, violable but indestructible".

The metal deforming process, the warhorse characterizing every artwork of Pennyboy, donates to the metal plate a new dynamism with which the artist reproduces forms and textures of different materials, like fabrics, magazine covers, comics’ panels, wrinkled bills and car parts. Ripples, deflections, folds, light reflexes and grinding marks constitute the base on which the artist imprints his pictorial stroke, reproducing sceneries, characters and contemporary icons in a context merging the decadence of the underground world and the brightness of luxury.



The wallsculptures by Pennyboy immediately capture the attention of art collectors and experts, in Italy as well as abroad, leading the artist to take part to numerous exhibitions and collaborations with important art galleries throughout the national territory.

In 2019 he exposes his artworks at the exhibition “Arte da Leone” in Rome for the thirtieth anniversary from the passing of Sergio Leone, promoted by Federart and Regione Lazio, beside art master Giampaolo Berto.

In 2020 he starts the still ongoing collaboration with the gallery Patrizia Anastasi Arte in Rome.
In 2021 his artworks got published in Mondadori “Artisti 2021- Annuario Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea” (curated by Phelipe Daverio, Vittorio Sgarbi, Luca Beatrice) and subsequently in “Sir.K Magazine” based in London. Throughout the year his artworks got showcased on the TV channel ArteOraTv beside pop artists of the calibre of Mario Schifano, Franco Angeli, Tano Festa and Renato Mambor.


Gallerist Massimo Maltese with Pennyboy's Artworks in Miami, 2022

Pennyboy (Emanuele Pennazza) is an Italian artist. Born in Rome in 1992, over the years he began to frequent the underground art scene of the capital as well as studios and ateliers of painters and art masters. In 2013 he started to attend the studio of the Master Giampaolo Berto, Dean at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, who brought him to discover the avant-garde movements of his period, especially the Italian and the American Pop Art. Strongly inspired by the British-style youth subcultures of the ‘70s – both musically and culturally – and from the provocative fashion of the stylists of the time like Vivienne Westwood, Pennyboy finds his own artistic dimension between the influences of English Punk and the Street Art from overseas.

A versatile and polyhedral artist, continuously chasing the pure visual impact, over the years he experiments with the usage of various materials in his works, including glues, resins and metals. The uninterrupted research and the deep attraction towards industrial materials bring him, through metalworking, to what will become his leading style, Iron Pop Art.

Between 2021 and 2022, Pennyboy’s artworks began to had a great success, and were requested by seven prestigiuous art gallerys in Italy and USA :

Naif Gallery - Miami
Restelli ArtCo. -  Rome

Patrizia Anastasi Arte - Rome
Casati Arte Contemporanea - Monza
Galleria San Barnaba - Milan
Galleria CaputoColossi - Brescia
Art Events Mazzoleni - Bergamo - Venice

From April to June 2022 he exhibited at VeniceArt 22' in Venezia and in Miami, first at CriptoWorldCon22, than on the SeaFair Yatch. 
In May his artworks were shown at Miami Doral Museum.

Simultaneously to the American exhibitions he exposes at the Silver Studio Art Factory in Rome, and in October 2022 he takes part at the ArtParma and the ArtVerona with Galleria Caputo Colossi.
As part of Rome Art Week‘22, he exposes his artworks at ExGarage in the collective exhibition “Peace’s – The Exhibition” conceived by Galleria Pavart, and subsequently at Galleria RestelliArtCo as part of the large exhibition “Manera Contro tutti” beside the master Enrico Manera and further artists of the contemporary Roman Pop Art.

In November he exposes at the Centro Congressi Nuvola Di Fuksas during the “Roma Arte In Nuvola” with Galleria L’Incontro / Caputo Colossi, beside artworks by distinguished names of the modern and contemporary art like Christo, Jeff Koons, Obey the Giant, Mr. Brainwash, Stefano Bombardieri.

In 2023 Pennyboy’s artworks joined to important private collections in different European cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and Rome.

In the same year he started the ongoing collaboration with the Roman art manager Michele Crocitto, who accompanied Pennyboy’s artworks first in Ibiza for the exhibition “La luce delle Baleari” (Filmotica Studio Gallery) and then in Fort Lauderdale at Broward Convention Centre, making it the fourth Pennyboy’s exhibition in Miami.

In the context of the “Rome Art Week” held in 2023, Pennyboy started collaborating/ exposing his artworks at Alessandro Vitiello Home Gallery, a suggestive artistic house located in the heart of Rome. Accompained by A.V.H.G., he also took part in the contemporary art fair “The Others” in Turin, Italy in November 23’ and in the third editions of "Roma Arte in Nuvola" in the prestigiuos "Nuvola di Fuksas" in Rome.

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