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Pennyboy exhibited at the prestigious "Nuvola di Fuksas" for "Roma Arte In Nuvola 2023" with A.V.H.G.

After the Exhibition in Ibiza in july 23'and in Miami in October at Broward convention center, Pennyboy started collaborating/ exposing his artworks at Alessandro Vitiello Home Gallery, a suggestive artistic house located in the heart of Rome. Accompained by A.V.H.G., he also took part first in the contemporary art fair “The Others” in Turin, Italy and then in "Roma Arte in Nuvola" at the prestigius "Nuvola Di Fuksas" in Rome.


Pennyboy in Miami,
Venice and Rome.

Pennyboy's artworks have been exhibited in amazing locations, like CryptoWorldCon 22 in Miami and on the one 40M $ SeaFair Yacht!  Special guest of the event was the real Wolf of Wallstreet, Jordan Belfort (role played by Leonardo Di Caprio). 

His wall-sculpture were exhibited in Venice for VeniceArt22, in collaboration with one of the most important Italian Pop Art Galleries "Art Events Mazzoleni".

in the last two years the value of his works is tripled and it's constantly going to grow as a result of collaborations with prestigious art galleries. 

Art galleries.

Pennyboy's artworks immediatly attracted the attention of several important art galleries, who exhibited him next to leading international artists like Andy Warhol, Kaws, Bansksy, Mr Brainwash, Erik Parker and next to great iItalian artists like Mario Schifano, Franco Angeli, Tano Festa, Renato Mambor, Gianfranco Meggiato e Giuseppe Amadio.

Artworks available in :

Naif Gallery - Miami

Restelli ArtCo. -  Rome 

Patrizia Anastasi Arte - Rome 

Casati Arte Contemporanea - Monza

Galleria San Barnaba - Milan

Galleria Incontro - CaputoColossi - Brescia

Art Events Mazzoleni - Bergamo - Venice

Pavart Gallery - Rome

Alessandro Vitiello Home Gallery - Rome

Pennyboy's Black Dollar on Gugram "Divano Bocca" in Restelli Art Gallery in Rome, Erick Parker Paintings in the Back 



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